DipStop Inc. was founded in 1991 by the Ralston Group to combat the critical health problems associated with smokeless tobacco by helping users break the nicotine habit. Family owned and operated in Selma Alabama, DipStop is one of several business units dedicated to the development and introduction of innovative products created to improve the health and well-being of its global customer base. Initially offered in wintergreen, cinnamon, and mint flavors, BaccOff straight non-tobacco chew was introduced in 1993 as the first chewing tobacco alternative with the taste, texture, and *spit-ability of real tobacco snuff.
With over twenty years of experience combating smokeless tobacco addiction We have helped thousands quit spit tobacco for good.. The BaccOff  brand of non tobacco dip is used by health and wellness agencies across the country as part of their smokeless tobacco cessation programs.

*spitability - The wherewithal to expel a reasonable amount of brownish liquid from between the lips with sufficient force to roll small bugs, stir up dust, and send dogs and cats running for cover.

Flavor Choices

Bacc-Off is a premium smokeless non-tobacco chew made from FDA approved Mint or Tea leaves. It is a no-nicotine, safe alternative to smokeless tobacco products, with the look, taste and texture that snuff users appreciate. Bacc-off is available in 4 flavors: Straight, Mint, Winter Green and Xtra Winter Green.